Fabulae Dramatis blends the intensity and volume of progressive metal with more soft, lyrical, classical themes.

The band has a sound that is both vast and intimate, one that transcends the traditional boundaries of the genre.

In 2020 Smoke For The Clouds (Ahuirán’s Water) single was published in collaboration with FD Films that provided filming and editing services.

Imagine a world where some creatures could master the elements of nature.
Would you have the ability to produce rain? In this story a shaman did. Discover here how…

Taken from the album “Solar Time’s Fables
© Fabulae Dramatis 2017 – All rights reserved.

BEST MUSIC & SOUND at the WILDsound Festival, FEEDBACK festival, Experimental, Dans & Music Film Festival – Canada and USA.
Official selection London Music Video Festival 2020
Official selection Experimental, Dans & Music Film Festival

Video credits:


Isabel Restrepo
Script, direction, lighting, costume design, make up, scenography, camera and post-production.

KASKA Filmcrew:
Dirk Elsen
Mohamed Dhaman
Vera Snykers
Marc Vandenbruaene
Erik Vochten

Scenography assistance:
Ben De Rydt
Erik Vochten
Mohamed Dhaman
Vera Snykers
Daniel Diaz
Todor Dimitrov
Hamlet Tinae

Make up artist:
Randjena Muah

Coco-Noemí Jiménez

Guest singer-growling voice:
Wesley Beernaert

Music credits:

Daniel Díaz
Music composition, guitar and extra vocal arrangements.

Hamlet Tinae
Bass, arrangement and voice.

Maxime Moreira

Wesley Beernaert
Growling and clean voice.

Isabel Restrepo
Voice, programming, vocal arrangements and lyrics

Recorded and mixed at High Lake Hill Studio, Belgium by Bart van Lier.

Mastered at Street Fascination Studios, Sweden by Jens Bogren.

Isabel’s headress by Organic Armor.