Dark Fusion was born in 2010 and it is a fusion between cyber-industrial and extreme metal.

In 2021, a single Overdose was released and published in collaboration with FD Films.

The track combines neon futuristic visuals and explores modern virtual addictions together with augmented reality.

Due to pandemic shootings held place in Bristol and Bucharest combined together later in post production.

Cosmin Alexandru Matei – vocals.
Dragoș-Gabriel Andrei – lead guitar, backing vocals, composition.
Alexandru Mocanu – rhythm guitar.
Vlad Ghiță – bass.
Cezara-Ștefania Marin – keyboards.
Matei Crăciunescu – drums.

Alexandru-Cosmin Matei – lyrics.

Claudiu Miron – filming.
Adrian Cătălin Hodoleanu – filming.
Ana-Maria Pîrgaru – logistics.
Ana Gabriela Dumitru – logistics.
Felix Crăciunescu – logistics.

Barbara Stracciatella – actor/make-up.
Ekaterina – make-up/hairdresser.
Dmitry Stahovskiy – actor/scenarist.
Igor Shleyer – actor/logistics