An Theos is a Romanian folk metal band, which existed for 5 years and played on the international level metal scene.

A new single from An Theos band – Alean filmed and produced by FD Films  in 2018.

 It is a perfect mix of heaviness and happiness blended with Romanian folk.

The sad lyrics and uplift instrumentals create a contrast, as you can find positive moments in the worst cases.

Florin Costăchiță – Lead Vocalist
Loredana Butnaru – Lead Vocalist
Alice Müller – Guest Violin
Andrei Dragoș-Gabriel – Lead Guitar/Composition
Teddy Bejenaru – Bass Guitar
Tudor Nica – Bass Guitar
Tudor Uscoi – Drummer
Lorena Mitoi– Keys

Claudiu Miron – Filming

Cezara Stefania Marin – Artist
Geanina Dumitrasc – Make-Up
Mircea Dumbraveanu – Driver
Silviu Rotaru – Photographer